1. Maximising the Sale Price
Our experienced Business Brokers appraise your business and assist in setting a selling price that is acceptable to you although within a maximum range that is of interest to buyers. This marketable range for business sale is to ensure that buyer enquiry levels are kept at a most favourable level.

2. The Information Memorandum
Prior to taking your business to market we ensure it is comprehensively prepared for sale and all documentation and financial information is presented in a professional and accurate manner. The Information Memorandum is important to assist with a smooth process in due diligence for the potential buyer, when they present their proposal to their accountants, banks, or financial advisors.

 3. Marketing Your Business for Sale
We will aggressively market your business using our own unique Australian Business Brokers site as well as six of the leading 3rd party
business for sale websites and will also market to our extensive database of potential buyers. We will leverage your business through
our national network of Business Brokers with your business receiving prominent positioning as a 'Featured Business' on our
home page on a rotating basis.

 4. Qualifying Buyers
We will qualify all potential buyers for financial capacity and suitability and have our brokers ensure that the confidentiality form is executed prior to discussing/providing confidential information on your business.

5. Steps In Negotiating the Sale
Our experienced team of business brokers have the skills to achieve the maximum price for you during the crucial negotiation stage of the transaction. All offers are confirmed in writing by email and once price and terms are maximised & agreed we prepare a Sales Advice based on the agreed terms & sale price and sent to your Solicitor to enable contracts to be prepared.

6. Purchasers & Finance
Purchasers access to finance can largely be assisted by providing correct & true financial information at the due-diligence stage, purchasers need to be qualified to make sure they have an asset to secure finance against however this is in the qualifying process at an earlier stage. We understand lenders criteria and processes and we provide an overview to prepare them for their application with their lender & the most appropriate ways of obtaining finance approval to buy your business. It is crucial we engage with the buyers and the financier throughout this process to ensure all relevant information is made available to endeavour to achieve a successful application.

7. The Solicitors
We handle all contract information with both your solicitor and the buyer's solicitor as well as in many cases the Landlord's Solicitor to ensure a smooth transition to the contract stage and settlement.

8. Getting Landlord/Franchisor Approval
We are well versed in what steps and documents need to be completed in order to get this crucial approval. Where necessary we offer guidance to the prospective buyer through this process to endeavour to achieve approval.

9. Settlement & Handover
Training periods can vary on the complexity of the style and size of business and is important to assist in the successful sale of your business. It does depend on the purchaser's former experience and skill set with regard to your business however once training is completed and settlement has occurred, your business is SOLD, and the money is in your bank.